Jeep Wrangler pickup and baby Wrangler in the works?

A Jeep pickup truck?

You asked for it, and you just might get it.

Speaking at the Detroit Auto Show, Jeep President and CEO Mike Manley hinted  that the off-road automaker is seriously considering putting a Wrangler-based  pickup truck into production.

“That, maybe next generation, is a big opportunity for us to expand Wrangler  as a brand,” Manley told, adding that customers in the United States  have shown a strong interest in just such a vehicle.

Jeep currently offers a JK-8 pickup truck conversion kit for the four-door  Wrangler Unlimited through Chrysler’s Mopar parts and accessories division that  Manley said has exceeded expectations.

“It’s sold incredibly well,” Manley said, “but there’s still that demand for  a factory-produced Wrangler pickup.”

Jeep last offered one in 1986 called the Scrambler, but Manley is a fan of  the idea and has green-lighted several Wrangler pickup concepts in recent years,  including the retro-styled JK-12 and Mighty FC, which features a unique  cab-over-engine design.

Jeep sold over 141,000 Wranglers in 2012, up from 122,000 in 2011, making it  the brand’s second most popular vehicle behind the Grand Cherokee. But when it  comes to increasing sales, bigger may not be the only way to make things better.  A smaller Wrangler could also be in the brand’s future.

“Where we are with Wrangler today is much bigger than where we stared off,” Manley says, citing safety regulations that have added size and weight to the  vehicle over the years.

He doesn’t suggest replacing the Wrangler outright with a smaller vehicle,  but believes there’s an opportunity to make a more compact model that picks up  some of its design cues.



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